New Wii U System Software v5.2.0 U/E/J (29 September 2014) is out!

Official changelog:

Changes to the Wii U Menu:

– Folders can now be created in the Wii U Menu to hold and organize software icons

– A Download Management icon has been added to the Wii U Menu

Changes to Quick Start Menu:

– The Quick Start Menu will now display when the Wii U is powered on from the Wii U GamePad TV Remote

– Options have been added to Power Settings that allow users to hide certain software from the Quick Start Menu

Changes to the HOME Menu:

– The design and layout of the HOME Menu has been updatedChanges to the Nintendo eShop:

– Disabled usage of characters not used when redeeming Nintendo eShop cards (O, I, Z, etc.)Improvements to system stability and usability:

– Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

WiiUbrew diff:

detailed reports:

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Whilst all the clowns and fools say Happy Birthday to the Nintendo 64, i simply say “Happy US Release Date Anniversary”, because simply that’s what it is, ones birthday is when one is born, a devices birthday is when it was originally released. If one is born in Japan, they can never say they were born in America, not much changes with a device, when it is was originally released in Japan, you cannot say it was originally released in America and vise versa, consoles like the Xbox were released first in USA, so that’s where their birthday belongs.
I am so glad the PS4 was released in USA first, now these so called games journalists can get the fucking birthday right for once >.<

Anyhow, most of the world sees today in 1996 as the day the N64 was released in North America, but there are others who state that the original release was the 26th of September and not 29th.
The reason that a lot of North Americans know the 26th as the US release date, is because several retailers decided to release the console three days early without Nintendo’s permission, Nintendo had originally outlined the 29th of September as the consoles release date, but with the street date being broken, they gave the go ahead for it to be released early.

So N64, Happy US Release Date Anniversary and Happy Planned US Release Date Anniversary. More Info Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: Happy US Release Date Anniversary N64

Today Nintendo turned 125 years old today, the company started off as a playing card company back in 1889 and was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi, the company went through several changes and tried different things, before becoming the Games Console company we know today, you will see below the changes they went through:

1889 – 1956

1956 – 1974



1974 -

You can read a history on Nintendo here.

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I posted this story yesterday about a glitch on Miiverse that allowed players of the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team game to post any type of image to the Miiverse community, since then Nintendo have blocked the ability to post screenshots to the community, here are some screenshots from the Miiverse community:





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