Guides For Leaked v5.5.x Kexploit

The Kexploit for Wii U firmware v5.5.1 has been leaked, which is no surprise as those guys don't know how to stop leaks and love giving shit to untrustworthy people, but whatever, its all good for us end users who will benefit from Homebrew, there are a couple of guides, here is a snippet from the first one:






Step 1: Downloading HaxServer

For this tutorial, you will need Java 8, HaxServer, and your port 80 opened on your router/firewalls and make sure nothing uses it (usually it's web servers).

1. Download the kexploit + haxserver ( there: (Grab at source)
2. Make sure you have Java 8: (Skip this step if you do)
3. Open a command line window (in windows) or a terminal (linux/macosx).
4. Extract to C:kexploit (or wherever, but keep it short)
5. Rename the folders as they are inverted. Example: atad = data; sdaolyap = payloads
6. From your command line, go to the folder where HaxServer.jar is and type: java -jar HaxServer.jar
7. Type "ipconfig" and check your ipv4 (looks like:





Second Tutorial



Finally here is a video from @Joonie


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.@smealum Releases iosuhax For Wii U

smealum, the sexy cool dude who brought us open source Homebrew to our 3DS's has released some tools for the Wii U, here is a quote from the source:






this repo contains some of the tools I wrote when working on the wii u. iosuhax is essentially a set of patches for IOSU which provides extra features which can be useful for developers. I'm releasing this because I haven't really touched it since the beginning of january and don't plan on getting back to it.

iosuhax does not contain any exploits or information about vulns o anything. just a custom firmware kind of thing.

iosuhax current only supports fw 5.5.x i think.

i wrote all the code here but iosuhax would not have been possible without the support of plutoo, yellows8, naehrwert and derrek.


iosuhax is pretty barebones, it's mainly just the following :

software nand dumping (bunch of ways to do this, dumps slc, slccmpt and mlc, either raw or filetree or something in between)
redNAND (redirection of nand read/writes to SD card instead of actual NAND chips)
remote shell for development and experimentation (cf wupserver and wupclient, it's super useful)
some basic ARM debugging stuff (guru meditation screen)




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NES Paul – Nintendo Guitar

If you like guitars and games consoles, this guitar will be to your liking.

  This electric guitar uses a NES console for its body, here is an image:




If you like it and have a spare £400, you can get it here

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NX Confirmed And Other Nintendo News

Today Nintendo officially confirmed the release of the Nintendo NX, we will see a worldwide release during March 2017



Whilst that is awesome news, they also revealed that the new Zelda game will be delayed until next year and that it will be released on both the Wii U and NX, here is hoping it is a release title for the NX


On to other news related to Nintendo, they announced this morning that two of their popular titles, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be coming to mobile devices, what wasn't made clear is if they will be full blown games such as those on the 3DS or just small app's, personally i would like to see an Animal Crossing for the Wii U or NX, i want to be able to play it on my TV, just like one could on their Gamecube or Wii


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Nintendo Humble Bundle

Nintendo did a Humble Bundle last year, but it was for USA only, this time its for EU and South Africa, here is what you get:





  • Retro City Rampage: Nintendo 3DS Theme
  • Retro City Rampage: DX
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
  • Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure
  • Citizens of Earth
  • Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition


Wii U

  • Affordable Space Adventures
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
  • Freedom Planet
  • Darksiders II


You can get it here




Seems what is shown is region based, for me it shows that the titles can only be redeemed on EU/SA consoles, but people in USA are telling me that everything is fine with them and they can redeem too.

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