New Fatal Frame announced for Wii U
Plus, a host of other Fatal Frame stuff on the way.

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are working together on the next entry in the horror adventure series Fatal Frame for Wii U, the duo announced.
A title and release date for the project have not been announced.

In conjunction with the new game’s development, Tecmo Koei is expanding the franchise through a series of new multimedia expansions.

From Kadokawa Corporation, a live-action film starring Seventeen magazine models Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa is in production for a fall release, with Bilocation director Mari Asato confirmed in the director’s seat.

From Kadokawa Horror Bunko and Multiple Personality Detective Psycho and The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service author Eiji Otsuka, an original novel is due out in August.

And from Kodansha and Kindaichi Case Files writer Shin Kibayashi (known by his pen name Tadashi Agi), a comic is also planned.

The latest original entry in the Fatal Frame series, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, launched for Wii in Japan in July 2008. It was never localized. A remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly launched for Wii in Japan and Europe in June 2012, but was never localized in North America.

Thanks, Famitsu.


25 years ago today, in Japan the Game Boy was released, it is the console that kicked of the Handheld gaming world, here is some information about the console:

 photo Game_Boy_Logo_zpse22c9882.png

  • Model Number #DMG-001


  • Japan – 21st April 1989.
  • USA – 31st July 1989.
  • UK – 28th September 1990.


  • Japan – 12,000 Yen (13.179 Yen by today’s standard).
  • USA – $89.99 ($171.48 by today’s standard).
  • UK – £69.99 (£154 by today’s standard) Tetris came with the console at this price.


  • Discontinued 23rd March 2003.
  • Sold 100.00+ million units worldwide.
  • Over 700 game titles released.

Other versions

  • Play It Loud!(January 1st 1995).
  • Game Boy Pocket(1996).
  • Game Boy Light(14th April 1998).

 photo GameboySpecs_zps701a3bc9.png

Some Images:
 photo 1_zpseb184066.jpg

 photo 2_zps2678dbf7.jpg

 photo 3_zpsb594c7dd.jpg

 photo 4_zpsd47fe3c8.jpg

 photo 6_zpse476246d.jpg

 photo 7_zps0b6032b4.jpg

 photo 8_zps0cbc4e77.jpg

 photo 9_zpsf460ba01.jpg

 photo 10_zps715d1afb.jpg

 photo 11_zps71ee5a46.jpg

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