Rinnegatamante has released the first open source and legal CIA installer/uninstaller for the 3DS, here is a quote from the source:

Big Red Menu

Big Red Menu is the first CIA manager (installer/uninstaller) for 3DS completely legal and opensource.

It’s wrote in both C++ and LUA (Heavy edited LPP edition) and ACTUALLY works only AS CIA.

So to install Big Red Menu, you’ll require BigBlueMenu or devMenu but, after its installation, you can delete these Nintendo copyrighted tools and starts to use Big Red Menu.


Smealum for libctru

Aurelio for helping during the writing of the lua_uninstallCIA code.

Note: Big Red Menu doesn’t obscure any System CIA (devMenu for example hides DS_INTERNET and a lot of other NAND CIAs) so PAY ATTENTION when you uninstall NAND contents cause you can also corrupt 3DS NAND -> Brick.



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Month old news, but news worthy none the less.

curtfehr has released software that allows you to listen to MP3’s via your Wii U’s web browser, here is a quote from the source:

Listen to MP3’s through the Wii U internet browser! This is a 3 part application:

1) A windows service that listens to directories for MP3’s and automatically converts them to MP4’s.

2) A configuration interface for this windows service.

3) An IIS directory listing skin to make consuming media from your home network easy.


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