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[3DS] Released ReiNAND Custom Firmware v5.0

January 18, 2017 GregoryRasputin 0

The developer Reisyukaku is back releasing a new update for Custom Firmware ReiNAND, 


Support for Old 3DS. 
Support for New 3DS (firmware 9.5 or lower, only emunand). 
Start only through Ninjhax on New 3DS. 
MSET 4.x support (for Old 3DS). 
Emunand support. 
Region Free. 
Firm over 9.x. 
Signature Patch. 
Memory Debugger similar to the Custom Firmware NTR. 
Ram Dumping. 
... Other undocumented features



First download the file below and extract it. 
Copy all files in the SD card. 
Get the firmware.bin file from the repository ReiNand (googlate “reinand github”). 
Copy the firmware.bin file into the folder rei always loaded in the SD card. 
After completing these simple steps, edit the file boot.cfg CtrBootManager adding this entry: {title = “ReiNand”; path = “/reiNand.dat”; offset = “0x12000”; }, 
If you are interested, you can set the custom firmware ReiNand automatically start. 
After you have realized using the custom firmware ReiNand and you’re in Emunand, navigate to Settings and click the System Update to update Rei in 10.7.

Note: For those who already assembles custom firmware ReiNAND will simply replace the files on the SD card. 
Changelog v3.2

Emunand self patching. 
A solution for some things hard coded / FS more flexible. 
Released the screenshot 
Implemented dumper RAM PoC using txt file. 
Changed the position of the thread ARM9 
Fixata the version string. 
A lot of organization and cleaning for easier reading and editing code.


Changelog v3.3

Fully implemented the Smart Patch. 
A9lh compatibility added. 
Re-implemented the rough version of sysnand (firmlaunch). 
Reported the correct LCD display turns off. 
New MPU settings.

Changelog v3.4

Full auto-patching. 
A lot of cleanup and optimization in the code. 
Small changes in the README file and the Makefile.

Changelog v3.5

Regionfree CIA. 
Correct the version string. 
Dell'emunand correct detection.

Changelog v3.8

Added NAND CID code. 
Check if present the splash.bin files to your SD card before you delay it. 
Cleaned up the handling FS. 
Tons of stability and cleanliness in the code by integrating more independent code.

Changelog v4.0

Updated loader to read the external patch patches.dat (beta function). 
Renovated further codebase. 
Fs.c rewritten to be more like stdio. 
O3DS and N3DS in the same base code with compiler options. 
New home screen. 
Tons of small corrections to the stability and anything else.

Changelog v5.0

Totally changed the execution of the custom firmware AuReiNand. Now you can specify whether to automatically start SysNAND or less, and NAND now no longer tied to the FIRM (the FIRM 9.0 is automatically detected). If you do not press any button starts the default NAND with your FIRM, pressing   instead of the NAND no default is loaded, while   starts EmuNAND with SysNAND FIRM, if you choose "Use SysNAND FIRM as default", and vice versa .

Eliminated the patch to the FIRM, AuReiNand now look for and loads all FIRM CTRNAND by default. If you start emuNAND, the FIRM will be loaded from CTRNAND by default. This applies to the FIRM AGB and TWL, and allows a faster start-up without the use of firmware from the SD card.

Added a new function for the emulation of the region, and language, thanks to the hard work of TuxSH. Create a "locales" folder inside the golden directory, and a .txt file for each game, with the title id of the game (you can search on ). The txt file should have exactly 6 characters: 3 for the region ( "JPN", "USA", "EUR", "OFF", "CHN", "KOR", "TWN"), a space, and two for the language ( "JP", "EN", "FR", "DE", "IT", "ES", "ZH", "KO", "NL", "PT", "RU", "TW") . You can activate the function in the configuration menu. This solution should allow the installation of DLC for games in a foreign language.

Adding a CPU patch for New 3DS, thanks again to TuxSH. The patch only affects New 3DS system, and enables you to configure the CPU in the configuration menu, the same mode of Custom Firmware NTR: Off disables the patch, and then you can choose to activate a higher clock for all games, or extra L2 cache, or both.

AuReiNand should work automatically with future FIRM New 3DS thanks to a built-in key generation.

Numerous minor bug fixes and optimizations.


Important: Remember to make a backup copy of your emuNAND, you never know could happen something bad.

Download: Source Code Custom Firmware ReiNAND Mod v5.0


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Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Service

January 14, 2017 GregoryRasputin 0

The switch is going to have a Online Subscription service to play online almost the same as The Playstation 4 and Xbox One. You will have access to the Online Free TRIAL Through Fall of 2017. without the subscription you can access the eShop but not Online Multiplayer or the monthly semi-free games (witch serves as demo for 1 month).  The paid online service will only be available in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico at launch. The Subscription service is only for Nintendo Switch and will not affect the Wii U


P.S i know i posted this in the wrong sub-directory but i dont have perms to post anywhere other then here and help

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All You Need To Know About #Nintendo #Switch

January 13, 2017 GregoryRasputin 0

Being in the GMT timezone i missed the Nintendo Switch Presentation, i did wake up 44 minutes after it started, but it was cold outside and the wind was blowing insanely, so i said ‘fuck it’ and stayed in bed, so i am going to grab all the important bits from various different places and post videos from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel




  • Release Date – 3RD March 2017.
  • Recommend Retail Price – Japan – 29,980 / USA – £299.99 / Europe – / UK – £279.99.
  • Online Services – Multiplayer Online which will be paid service – Online Store.
  • Region Locking ? – Nintendo Switch’s software will be Region Free.
  • Screen – 6.2″ 720p Multi-Touch Screen.
  • Battery Life – 2 and a half hours to 6 and a half hours – Can also use portable batteries.
  • Play With Friends ? – 8 Switch devices can be connected for Local Multiplayer.
  • Storage – It has a tiny 32GB of storage built in, which will probably end up being 28GB after system software and other junk is take into consideration, also has the ability to take microSD cards.
  • Games – Comes on cartridge much like the PS Vita and Nintendo’s other handhelds – Games can also be downloaded digitally, there is no doubt you will need a couple of huge microSD cards.


The Switch does not have many games on its release day, but Nintendo claim to have 80 games in production, here are some of them:


















Pre Order

The 3RD of March is not that long away, but rumours suggest that Nintendo will have limited stock to be available on release day, if you look at certain things such as ammibo’s and NES Mini Classic, then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if indeed stock was limited, you can grab US and UK links below, if any staff member from European or Asian regions  want to add their own links they can:











So far my biggest and only complaint about the Switch, is the crazy price of its peripherals.



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