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[Released] DRC Sim Mobile Client – Wii U Gamepad Emulator – Wii U

January 11, 2017 GregoryRasputin 0

DRC Sim Mobile Client – Wii U Gamepad Emulator

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Rolando Islas has released an application that lets you emulate your Wii U Gamepad on your phone, which is super great for Wii U owners such as @BobbyBlunt and myself, who’s Wii U Pads have decided to just stop working, there is a method to do this on your PC, but having it on your phone or tablet seems better, here is a video of it in action:



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.@DroidXAce Reveals Nintendo Switch Hori Accessories – Fake Or Real

January 11, 2017 GregoryRasputin 0

We have all been down this road numerous times, every time a games console is due for its debut a ton of fake articles come out, i am not saying that is what French Twitter user DroidXAce has done and they do look genuine, on top of that they are for a third party device maker so who would go to all that trouble making a fake for that ?, also all the images have ‘concept images’ watermarked onto them.


Anyhow i will add a forum poll asking you your opinion, here are some of the images:









You can see more images on DroidXAce’s Twitter Account here

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[Guide] How To Add Avatar/Profile Pic On PlayStationHaX

January 11, 2017 GregoryRasputin 0

If you are an active member or new member, you will notice that you cannot upload a profile pic to the forum, i have done this as a way to protect against anything malicious, of course it is not fool proof, but it is a way of better protecting the forum, so you might wonder how you can add your own profile pic, there are two options and the first is by using a URL, the second and better way is by using Gravatar.


Gravatar can be used on many sites across the internet and your profile can be linked to one of your emails or all of them, so whenever you post on certain sites, especially WordPress ones your profile pic will always be present, so here is how to do it:


1.) Go to your profile, this is easy enough done, click on your name anywhere on the forum and you shall be taken there.

2.) Locate your avatar, it should be the default one if you are a new member and it looks like this:


3.) Clicking the icon should take you to this:


4.) Choose Gravatar and then go to this website, clicking that link will take you directly to the registration page.

5.) The registration page should look like this once you have the information filled in, keep note of your email address and change the username if you want to:


6.) Once logged into Gravatar, your page will probably be empty and you will need to upload the avatar you want to use, you can also add numerous other emails if you want, i have two on my account and it appears i also have another account, but that has nothing to do with this guide, your Gravatar page should look like this:


7.) Now go back to your profile page on the forum, you should have the profile part still open and if you chose Gravatar, you should add the email you registered to to the Gravatar site with:




That is the best way to add your own profile pic to the forum, with that one email, you can have the same profile pic on numerous websites, without having to upload a pic each time.

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