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HBL2HBC and Forwarder

January 11, 2017 thezander 0

Fix94 at gbatemp made a elf file that takes you directly to the Hombrew Channel on the vWii side. You can get the latest here:


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So this is just something I’ve made while playing around with things for CBHC which were not successful but I thought some people may find this handy so I just made it into its own elf.
If you have the homebrew channel installed on your vwii and you want to quickly boot into it from the wiiu side, this elf will allow you to directly boot into it via the homebrew launcher.
If you want to launch other title ids you can do so by adding them into the hbl2hbc config file.




Then brenj at the same forum made the elf into its own channel. You’ll need a CFW or something that has patches for that kind of thing. 


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HBL2HBC Forwarder Channel by brienj

Put the “WiiU 2 HBC” folder from the archive into the install folder of your SD card. Install the app with the latest wup installer. Requires sig patching of some kind.
The forwarder loads hbl2hbc.elf located at sd:/wiiu/apps/hbl2hbc/hbl2hbc.elf

After install, select the “WiiU 2 HBC” icon on the system menu with your SD card with the hbl2hbc.elf inserted.




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LibiosuHax by dimok

November 18, 2016 thezander 0

Dimok at gbatemp released a few different things.


First something he aimed for those interesting in developing.


Now I wrote up some IOCTL commands to allow easy FSA access and to allow SVC syscalls, memcpy in and out, IOS kernel read and other usefull stuff from the PPC side. This is still in development and can be extended with more usefull commands. You can see all the changes on my iosuhax fork here:

Also a FS2Sd which allows you to dump your wiiu contents to your SD with more control over what,



I created a new application called FT2SD (File Tree 2 SD). This application is a file tree dumper to SD. It can dump several (currently) predefined paths directly to your SD card, like for example game disc content, updates, tickets, slc content, vWii content, mlc…Think of this tool as a very pimped ddd alternative. It might even miss some interessting paths but those can be added quite easy.
The application is currently only a console application but I think i will improve it later with a GX2 GUI and make a nice explorer tool out of it where the user can change paths and copy stuff back and forth.


And lastly a FTP2Wiiu that he warns could cause bricks if used improperly.


Now this tool is only for advanced users ONLY. This is an extension to the existing ftpiiu tool. It mounts all the paths listed in the FT2SD tool and offers them on the FTP. This includes SLC and MLC! You can also add files or remove files on the FTP which makes it quite dangerous if you do this on sysNAND. So therefore here is a fair warning:




Head over here to get pictures and the contents.


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[Release] FSDumper by Crediar

November 17, 2016 thezander 0

Crediar who has made and created several tools over the years, such as last year the WUPInstaller that has been used by many and utilized in several other projects in combination with his NUS grabber programs. Released a FSDumper on twitter 


Which does just that; dumps SLC and MLC on an SD card via a modified FW.img booted from cfwbooter.


Read me



FSDumper v0.1 by crediar

The application dumps all your files from your SLC and MLC to an SD card.


-prepare an SD card large enough to hold all the files.
 SLC is around 80MB and MLC depends on your usage of it.

-Assure there are no folders called usr or sys in the root of the SD card.
 The dumper won’t overwrite any files.

-Load the supplied fw.img via the cfwbooter

-Load the FSDumper application via the HBL

-After the application is done you will find the SLC files in sd:/slc_sys 
 and the MLC files in sd:/sys and sd:/usr






Edit: Baseless Speculation: He put a winky face next to ‘future project’ so perhaps he’s got stuff relating to customizing those dumped files. 

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WiiU CFW a little bit closer

October 23, 2016 thezander 1

The guys at WiiuBru team got a little bit closer to cfw, by being able to boot a fw.img of the root of a SD card after booting a certain elf off HBL. They have been working on it pretty much in the public eye so a lot of the files being traded back and forth have made their way to different sites without full explanation so I feel like this thread was to clear everything up. That being said they probably also wanted to prevent bricks due to misuse and potentially a screwed up fw.img and they fully warn to not use this unless you have a good idea what you’re doing.


However! A “CFW Booter” is not useful without a modified fw.img file to use it with… Thanks to the effort of @smealum several months ago, and his release of iosuhax, making a fw.img with modified patches is as easy as reading and running his code. Anyone can do this now using the above booter, BUT if you use random fw.img’s lying around, that’s at your own risk.


They also built his wupserver client that was part of iosuhax which allows you to interact with your wiiu from the iosu side dump files. However they have not perfected the full NAND dump procedure yet, but actively getting closer to it.


As fw.img files are copyright Nintendo, we cannot provide them to you directly. Instead here are the instructions on how to make a wupserver fw.img, and here is a patch that you can apply to one downloaded from NUS. You can do this with the lates JNustool with We know these instructions aren’t great, but you can ask if you have questions. Just please /please/ stop running unfinished, dangerous “rednand fw.img’s”

Once you run the wupserver on your Wii U by placing that fw.img on the root of your SD and running our elf above, you can connect to it either with a modified version of smea’s or the new that was developed. Both are available here: . And if you hate python, a Java Gui version is on the way.


Also they heavily warn not to use random fw.img’s lying around that are not endorsed by them because they cannot speak to their legitimacy and potential for irreparable damage is unknown. Also they actively welcome people to come to them and work together on these things. They seem inclusive and would appreciate active contribution in the goal of making more tools. 




Teams site: WiiuBru.Com


Also their twitter


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Super Mario 64 fan made game

October 6, 2016 thezander 0

Just like AMR2 which was a stellar adaptation of metroid 2 for gameboy on pc. A team similarly made a Mario 64 game with new levels and power ups.i have not played it yet but plan on it asap and will post back. 


So i gues amr2 and this are sort of different because amr2 was a shot for shot remake where as this is like a fan made sequel.




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