[How To] Run Homebrew On 3DS

With Cubic Ninja the 3DS Scene was shown an easy way to run Homebrew on the 3DS and since then the 3DS scene has blown up with awesomeness, so i am writing this article in an attempt to show you or help you how to get homebrew running on your 3DS/N3DS.

Run Homebrew On 3DS


What Will Enabling Homebrew Do For My 3DS/N3DS ?

  • You will be able to run a range of homebrew applications and games, such as Emulators, FTP clients and of course home made games.
  • You will be able to play games from different regions, the 3DS is region locked, so this is great for playing games that do not come out in your region, or grabbing them early from other regions before they are released in yours:
  • On your 3DS you can change themes, which can be bought on a special store on the 3DS, with Homebrew enabled on your 3DS you will be able to create and install your own themes, or download and install ones that have been made by people from the 3DS community.


How Do I Get Homebrew On My 3DS/N3DS ?
You need to install Ninjhax, so you should have one of three games:
Cubic Ninja
This game was the original entry point for Homebrew on the 3DS, when Smealum released the name of the title, prices for the game which you could normally buy for around $5, shot up to over $100 in some place, i personally game my copy away in a forum competition.
The method for actually getting homebrew on the 3DS using this game is extremely simple and easy, pop the game in the game slot, start it up and scan a QR code on Ninjhax and you are good to go, but here is a step by step:

1.) Make sure you are on the correct firmware, you will be able to select the firmware version on the Ninjhax website.
2.) Insert the 3DS/N3DS card which is inside your console into an SD/MicroSD Card Reader.
3.) Download Homebrew Starter Kit from the Ninjhax website:
4.) Extract the contents of the .zip to the root of the SD/MicroSD Card you have inserted inside your PC.
5.) Take the SD/MicroSD Card out of the PC’s Card Reader and put it back in your 3DS/N3DS.
6.) Make sure you have Cubic Ninja inserted in your 3DS/N3DS and start the game.
7.) Go to the Ninjhax website:
find where it says “How do i run Ninjhax”, insert the Firmware your currently have installed on your 3DS/N3DS into the drop box on the Ninjhax website, you will be provided with a QR code, save that image or keep it on screen.
8.) Start Cubic Ninja, then go to where it says Create, Then QR code and scan the QR code you received by doing step 7, if you have been successful with scanning the code, you should be given instructions to follow on your 3DS, do this and you should have the ability to run Homebrew on your 3DS/N3DS.

If my wall of text is too much or you can’t be bothered reading it, check on of these video tutorials:

This one is eight months old, but still stands as a viable tutorial, it was created by the PSP/PS Vita scenes The_Zett


This one shows how the process can be done if you do not have a PC or any other type of computer to show the QR code, the creator of the tutorial scans the code of another 3DS:




Yes believe it or not, you can get Homebrew running on your 3DS/N3DS using the YouTube application, at the moment of writing this article, i could not get this method working >.<

1.) Make sure you are on the correct firmware, which is between 9.0 and 9.9
2.) Follow steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 from the Cubic Ninja guide
3.) Go to System Settings > Internet Settings > Connection Settings > Select your active connection > Change Settings > DNS > Select ‘No’ on the ‘Auto-Obtain DNS‘ screen > Click ‘Detailed Setup’ > Enter into the ‘Primary DNS‘ section > click ‘OK’ > Click ‘Save’ > OK > Don’t Test > go back to Home Screen > Open YouTube > Select the correct firmware for your 3DS > Hit Submit and wait a little while, you should be then greeted with the Homebrew Screen.




IronFall is a third person shooter for the 3DS, it was removed from the eShop before the actual exploit method was released, unfortunately the game is digital only, so if you did not manage to grab it before it was removed, do not bother following this tutorial, also if you can’t get TubeHaX to work, do not bother with this game either as you need it installed before you install IronHaX:

1.) Complete all the steps of installing TubeHaX
2.) Run the IronHaX installer from the Homebrew Menu
3.) Reboot the 3DS, start IronFall, select the game save that says ironhax and load it, you should arrive at the Homebrew menu



Important Websites:
The Homebrew Launcher
Smealum’s Twitter


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[UPDATED] Newer Super Mario Bros – NSMBWii Hack

Newerteam have been busy over the past 3 years, beavering away and modifying NSMBWii into virtually a brand new fully fledged game!

  • 128 all-new levels on a gigantic world map
  • Remixed and original graphics, themes and music
  • The return of a classic Power-Up
  • New and old bosses and enemies
  • Fun with 1 to 4 players, just like the original game

Looks great right, but the issue with mods like this are that you require not only the original disc, but you need Riivolution to play it…. but what if it doesnt work? What if your disc is damaged? What if you want to play it on WiiU? Riivolution doesnt currently support WiiU, so damysteryman over at GBAtemp has provided us a neat little solution!

Unnofficial Automatic ISO Builder Pack v1.011 for Newer SMBW
Pack built by damysteryman/TeamDARK

Thanks to Treeki for info on NSMBW dol patching and ISO building
Thanks to Wiimm for Batch file info and assistance
Credits also to Wiimm for WIT, included in this pack
Credits to Icarus of Paradox for ApplyPPF3, included in this pack
Also thanks to everybody who provided .dol versions I did not have

This will combine an ISO copy of New Super Mario Bros.
Wii and NewerTeam's Riivolution-style Newer package to build an
ISO version of Newer.

Should work with All EUR and USA versions, and JPN v1 version.
(Currently only tested with EURv2 at this time)

1. Extract contents of this .zip file to a new working directory.
Get your ISO of NSMBW, and copy it to the same directory as
this README file.
2. Copy the "NewerSMBW" folder from the NewerSMBW.zip package to the same
directory as this README (you can download Newer from
http://newerteam.com if you have not done so already already)
3. Run Build_Newer.bat, follow its prompts (specify the base ISO's version,
and the output file format) and wait for it to build the Newer ISO.
4. Use/run the newly built ISO however way you would :P
5. Enjoy!

Generated Newer ISO has Header GameID of SMNx03, and tmd/ticket ID of KMNx
to keep savegame seperate from original game's one.


- Fixed typo in .bat causing Titlescreen logo not to be replaced on
non-EUR versions

- Renamed it from Patcher to Builder
- Added support for EUR, USA, and JAPv1
- No longer requires ISO to be an exact name
- Added ability to select output format from either iso or wbfs
- Changed generated ISO's GameID from SMNx02 to SMNx03 to avoid conflict with
another existing Custom NSMBW
- Fixed an error which would cause German and Dutch versions to break

- Initial release

There you have it, I have to say this mod is exceptionally fun to play, very well made, and the hammer suit is pure awesome!

Helpful links:

Unnofficial Automatic ISO Patcher Pack v1.011 for Newer SMBW: HERE

Newer files: HERE


[Tutorial] Fix Wii Error 003

PS3HaX member 3absiso has released a detailed video tutorial/guide on how to fix Error 003, for those unclear of what Wii Error 003 is, here is a small quote from WiiBrew:

The so called Error 003 occurs when a System Menu 4.2 or higher from a different region gets installed onto a Korean Wii.

It looks like this:
error 003

Here is the guide:

Don’t forget to visit the discussion thread on the forum, here:
WII Error 003 Detailed Fix

You can also get help with your PS3 from 3absiso.

WiiUHax.com Tutorial: How to Get Wii Backups Working on the Wii U By BobbyBlunt And NeoSabin

We had this one up earlier, but some drama caused by the mentally unstable writer d0rks0ul aka twat420 aka Tehruler, meant that it was destroyed, but the silly child didn’t realise, that nothing is truly destroyed, so here it is and sorry for the inconvenience, in future i wont little silly little children have access to posts :)


Read these instructions carefully, at least twice before proceeding. Never mix and match Wii and Wii U WAD files. The two are separate things. Failure to follow instructions or warnings may result in brick. Following this tutorial may result in voiding your system warranty.
WiiUHax.com and its authors are NOT resposible for any damage or loss that may occur by following this tutorial.

Step #1: Follow the WiiUHax.com .Wad Manager Tutorial if you haven’t already done so. (If you’ve run it before and are having problems getting backups working after this tutorial, follow that tutorial again and start this one from the beginning.)

Step #2 (optional): Backup your Wii Mode NAND using our guide *LINK COMING SOON*

Step #3: Download D2X cIOS Installer 2.2 and d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii.zip (You should have a folder ‘d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii’ in the d2x cios installer v2.2 folder. So it should look something like this: /apps/d2x cIOS Installer 2.2/d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii). Also download the latest version of WiiFlow

Step #4: Extract the D2x cIOS 2.2 installer first. Move to the APPS folder on your SD card. Then extract and move the d2x-v10-beta53-alt.vWii.zip files to the D2X Installer folder in your \apps\ Extract the latest version of WiiFlow to your \apps\ folder too

Step #5: You need the following THREE files in the root of your SD card:

How to get them:

  • Download Bluedump 0.3 and extract the files to folder titled Bluedump 0.4a
  • Rename bluedump-alpha04.dol to boot.dol and place it in a folder titled Bluedump 0.4a in your /apps/ folder of your SD card (You should have /apps/Bluedump 0.4a/boot.dol)
  • Launch BlueDump via HBC. With the arrow on “00000001 – SYSTEM TITLES” Press the A Button. Using the D-PAD press DOWN until you are on the desired system title and then press the ’1? Button on your Wii Mote. Using the D-PAD change the bracket selection to “Save as WAD” and press the A button, press A Button again for “Save to SD”.
  • Go to the \BlueDump\WAD\ folder on your SD. Rename the 56, 57, 58 WADs according to the filenames: IOS56-64-v5918.wad, IOS57-64-v6175.wad, and IOS58-64-v6432.wad Move them to the ROOT of your SD card.

Step #6:Boot into Wii Mode, launch HBC, and from there launch d2x cios installer. Press A to get past the intro screen, and press A again when prompted about selecting IOS 236.

Step #7: You should now be at the INSTALLATION PROCESS screen. There should be an arrow under SETTINGS on “Select Cios”.

  • Using the D-PAD press RIGHT until you can see “d2x-v10-beta53-alt.vWii” in the “Select cIOS” brackets. Once that is selected, press DOWN on the DPAD, moving the arrow to “Select cIOS base”. Press RIGHT until “56? is in the brackets. (leave “Select cIOS slot” at “249?) With “d2x-v10-beta53-alt.vWii” under “Select cIOS” and “Select cIOS base” on “56? Press A.
  • Once it installs press A to continue. Now change the “Select cIOS base” to “57 slot 250 and Press A, then Press A again to continue.
  • Now finally change the “Select cIOS” base to “58 slot 251 and Press A then press B to quit once the installation successfully completes.

Step #8:Return to HBC, plug in your USB device to the Wii U’s back upper-most USB port, launch WiiFlow and enjoy playing Wii Backups on your Wii U!


That’s it! You should now be able to launch WiiFlow and load Wii Backups. (NOTE: as of the time of this writing USBLoader GX does not appear to work, future updates should fix this)

This tutorial was created by BobbyBlunt And NeoSabin, enjoy :)
A special thanks to bubba for his contributions to this tutorial.


PS d0rks0ul why don’t you go back to leaking fake PS3 keys with your boyfriend link0

More info on d0rks0ul / tehruler / twat420


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