I’ve read the whole bootrom code and i have to admit, that big N has done a good job on hiding where and how it calls the AES code.
Finding the AES implementation is easy, it’s just before the ancast header check function and after the most useless function.
Finding how the AES implementation is called, is a little bit hard, for two reasons:
there are no cross references in the text segment; This means you will not see something like:
bl AES_Decrypt
there are no addresses saved in the data segment:
AES_offset: .long AES_Decrypt
So how to find it? you have to read the code, because the value is hardcoded and saved into a memory on an unknown address (like 0xE0000000); then a function will load that addresses to the count (CTR) register and jumps there.
I’ll make an example:

How normally should be:

1Screenshot 2014-03-07 11.20.17

How is obfuscated on the Wii U:

2Screenshot 2014-03-07 11.22.01

Deroad Said
The last thing:
I had a lot of fun on reverse the whole bootrom. You’ll find interesting stuff, there (but not keys :P).


Newo Asteroids as been updated to version 2.8, here is some info, followed by the changelog:

Newo Asteroids is a game made in the style of classic Asteroids. In 2064 on a Wednesday, aliens disturb the asteroid belt sending asteroids hurdling towards the earth. It is your job to destroy every last asteroid in the solar system and bring peace to the galaxy.


  • Use your little ship to destroy asteroids threatening the earth while UFOs try to stop you.
  • Large free space environment filled with asteroids.
  • Power-ups, custom colours and alternate fire (focused or spread)
  • Game modes; Easy, Normal, Hard and Classic. Speed run options: 3, 5 and 10 minutes.
  • Online Leaderboard
  • Achievements
  • Customizable colours and 3d graphics in Textured, Flat, Cellshaded and Wireframe mode.
  • Customizable controls schemes; Tank, Wii pointer (with nunchuk), Dual Analog, wiimote sideways and Eightway
  • Customizable camera views.
  • Title screen and Menu Sound effects designed by kenney.nl @kenneywings
  • Background music; Flesheaters by Matt Nida from freemusicarchive
  • 3d models by Julian
  • PowerUp Textures by JoostinOnline
  • Auto-Updates when new versions are released

Version 2.8 – February 24, 2014

  • Added loading screen
  • Added Auto Update
  • Fixed Http bug which caused leaderboard to load slowly
  • Leaderboard statistics now has its own website
  • Updated engine libraries, fixed animation bugs, updated menus


Rikku2000 has ported TailTale to the Wii, here is some information on the Homebrew:

 photo 3_zps08295614.jpg

Similar to the classic Tetris strategy must falling Blocks are sorted by color.
Once four or more same-colored Stones together, they dissolve and release if necessary through the sliding blocks further down a chain reaction.
If the field is completely filled so the player has lost.