[Released] Fruit’Y v1.00

Fruit’Y v1.00

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Oibaf has ported Retroguru’s Homebrew game to the Wii and Gamecube, here is a quote from the source:


Fruit’Y – Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem’X, which has been seen on computers such as the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.

Although tiger mum forbids little Sheran to play with edibles, there is simply no way to stop him from playing with fruits found inside the deep jungle. Being shiny, smelling wonderful and tasting even better Sheran can’t be kept away. So let’s do the best we could do: Support him!

The game consists of two boards of fruits. The left field belongs to Sheran who needs to reproduce the right field 1:1 being able to proceed to the next level. Sounds easy?!


There is also a PSP version available.

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Crunchyroll App Coming To Wii

Crunchyroll have announced that they have released an application for the
Wii, this is great news for Crunchyroll subscribers who actually still use their Wii’s:

Crunchyroll App Coming To Wii

If your Nintendo Wii is still plugged in and chuggin’ along—or even if you just need to bust it out of the closet and dust it off—you can now experience Crunchyroll on it. The free app is now available to download worldwide as supported by the Nintendo eShop, so free members can check it out for a sample and Premium members can hop on in for the full Crunchyroll experience.



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[Released] Configurable USB Loader Mod 70 r78

Originally posted by stomp_442 on the forum


Configurable USB Loader

CFG Mod 70 r78 has been released. A mod of the original Configurable USB Loader because the original developers no longer support the project. This will work on a Wii and vWii (Wii U in Wii mode).

-Fixed downloading cheat files (Thanks pabloacurielz)
-Fixed Forcing video modes for Nintendont

recent CFG Mod changelog:
-Fixed Starting FST files through Nintendont

-Changed “Force Devo” to “Default Gamecube loader”. It can now be set to Nintendont
-Added Nintendont LED support

-Added missing NintendontConfig.h file it should compile now.

-Added Nintendont support

download – here

source – here

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[Working PoC] ds4wiibt – Connection Between Dualshock4 And Wii


has managed to get the PS4’s Dualshock 4 control pad running on the Wii, here is a quote from his artcle on the forum:

I’ve spent a few days trying to get a connection between the Wii and a Dualshock 4. In order to get it working, I had to do some “reverse engineering” to the libogc’s Bluetooth stack and I finally found what was happening: the Bluetooth protocol authentication part of the libogc’s bluetooth stack was missing. I’ve already submitted a patch to the official libogc repository.

Well, after getting the “authentication” working, I started implementing the specific DS4 bluetooth protocol (thanks to here and here).

The Dualshock4 need to be paired through USB before establishing a Bluetooth connection, so I’ve crafted a program called ds4pair_wii that makes this, it pairs the DS4 to the Wii’s Bluetooth address. ds4pair_wii also writes to the SD a file called ds4wiibt_config, which has a list of each MAC of all the paired DS4 controllers.

After pairing, the connection can be established, once you press the PS button, the Dualshock 4 will try to connect to its paired MAC. Before this, the Wii has to be listening (aka waiting) for the DS4 controller to be turned on. After this, connections is established.


  1. Run ds4pair_wii with the DS4 connected over USB, it’ll create a config file to the SD
  2. Run ds4wiibt (it’ll load the config file), turn on the DS4 (press PS button)

Compiled apps: https://www.mediafire.com/?1ld710qi1whk55i
ds4wiibt source code: https://github.com/xerpi/ds4wiibt
ds4pair_wii source code : https://github.com/xerpi/ds4pair_wii


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