How-To | Replace Dead Batteries In Old GBA Cartriages

Hey guys. just wanted to make a quick tutorial on how to replace the battery in those good ol gba games as they’re becoming ancient and batterys and running dry killing time based events.


As usual here’s a short video tut showing what im doing followed by a quick written up step by step guid beneath.


Enjoy :)




Written part:


Step 1: get tools;

            – solder

            – soldering iron

            – screw driver

            – 1616 tabbed battery.

Step 2: Open cartridge with special screw driver.

Step 3: desolder old battery by gently pressing iron against solder on board and make little circles to spread and distribute heat evenly so you don’t burn the board.

Step 4: Chose your own way to solder new battery to board on cartridge. make sure pos (+) is facing down and the pos (+) tab is pointing to the solder point inwards to the board.

Step 4B: if you don’t know how to solder the battery do what i did. i made little solder balls and placed them on top of the tabs and tinned them to make it easier when i drooped them into place on the board.

Step 5: Put cartridge back together and screw back in

Step 6: Put cartridge into gba or ds and test it out

Step 7: Profit? :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar


Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you damage your game. i have given you instructions to perform the process without damaging it. human error is always possible especially if you have low experience soldering.