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Mocha CFWCFW For The Wii U

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I posted an article earlier talking about an easy method of hacking your Wii U, with that method you can also install this awesome CFW which is created by dimok, here is some information about it:






Mocha CFW is a custom firmware that is derived from iosuhax. It offers all the features of iosuhax and some addional features without the requirement of a fw.img on the SD card. Furthermore it combines all the current features of a custom firmware such as sysNAND or redNAND with signature patches into one application with a configuration setting.


Mocha CFW hooks itself into the IOS launch process, right before it jumps into the bootrom, and patches the (at this point) decrypted IOS ELF in memory with new functions.





New Features

  • fw.img less custom firmware
  • sysNAND or redNAND patching in one application, selected/saved in a setting
  • SEEPROM redirection to/from SD card
  • OTP redirection from SD card
  • custom launch image on load of the custom firmware if exist on sd card (sd:/wiiu/apps/mocha/launch_image.tga)