Turn A Japanese N3DS Into A US One

I struggled with the title, had a few in mind, this was the best i could come up with >.< Anyhow, i am kind of excited posting this news as it is not often we have the chance to post about such an awesome hardware modification, at least not in the Nintendo community. As the title suggests there is a method/tutorial on how to turn a Japanese New 3DS into a US New 3DS, the method isn't for n00bs and should only be done by someone qualified or well versed in removing chips and such from the motherboard. Now you are probably wondering why someone would want to do this, its due to the fact the New 3DS is not available in North America, all you can buy is the New 3DS XL and whilst it is quite cool, it doesn't have the sexy buttons and you cannot change the covers like you can on the New 3DS. Turn A Japanese N3DS Into A US One

nv at NoodleVision has managed that, he now probably has the only US New 3DS in the world, you can view what he did and how he did it at the link below:

Creating a USA Non-XL *New* 3DS Hardware Variant

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