3DS Kernel Time Machine + Exploit Information

Kernel Time Machine

JustPingo has released a W.I.P downgrader for the 3DS called Kernel Time Machine that lets you downgrade your 3DS using TPP files, you can check that out here:


Kernel Time Machine

So recently Smealum, derrek and Plutoo smoke at the CCC in Germany in regards to the security and exploits on the 3DS, below i will list them, the list is inspired by JustPingo’s article on GBATemp, which i will link below as the source.

New 3DS(N3DS) Only
snshax – This exploit was found by Smealum and lets you downgrade the N3DS without the need of a NAND backup.
arm9loaderhax – Discovered by Plutoo, this lets you inject into the N3DS bootrom.

All 3DS Variations
memchunkhax2 – This was a kernel11 exploit discovered by derrek, which lets you downgrade without NAND, play legit CIA’s and run homebrew.
ntrcardhax – Another found by Plutoo, this kernel9 exploit lets you run pirated software, but needs special hardware in order to get it running.

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