A Look At The Wii U Graphics Processing Unit

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo likes to keep the graphical power of their machines a secret, fail0verflow managed to get some understanding of the Tri-Core Processing Unit and recently a website called chipworks has revealed some information on the Graphics Processing Unit, here is a quote from their website, followed by an image:

Late last week we discovered a gaming message board called Neogaf where they were crowd-sourcing funds to buy die photos of the multi-chip CPU/GPU package in the Nintendo Wii U. They had raised enough to purchase top metal die photos of the CPU, the GPU and the tiny NOR memory chip.

To a manufacturer of said chips, these types of top metal die images are useful, but for the purposes of analyzing the specifications, you need to go a little lower and look at the polysilicon layer. Rather than have the community continue to raise money, we thought we would step-in and help out. Since (at the time of publication for this blog) we are only 1 day away from the release of Dead Space 3, we thought that the gaming community might be able to put their funds to better use.

About the Nintendo Wii U C10234F5 and why they were interested

It seems that Nintendo has not been disclosing very much information about the raw specifications of their latest console. This makes sense because they probably don’t benefit much from trying to compete on specifications against the latest “Asus ROG ARES II dual 7970 liquid cooled GPU in CrossfireX mode“  – and don’t worry, if you don’t know what that is then it probably means that you get outside regularly and have a relatively low home power bill.


For more images and a full size version of the above image, check the source by clicking the link below:
Looking at the Wii U Graphics Processor