Advertisements And PlayStationHaX/WiiUHaX

Advertisements, i hate them, i despise them, but they are an important part of the livelihood of some forums. 




For the past two years i have been financing my forum through my own money, i have also received some donations, all which can bee seen on the forum, i have used Amazon affiliation, but in around two years i have earned about £21 which i cannot claim until it reaches £25, in that same time i have earned £10 from CDKeys and about $20 from Play-Asia all with affiliation links when posting certain articles.


So basically in two years i have earned about £45 in affiliation, due to some debt i have gotten myself into i am starting to struggle with financing the websites, so i will have to use advertisements, it is not something i want to do, but it is something i need to do in order to keep us alive.


I am posting this because i have always been transparent with you guys and i always will be, i just didn’t want to start dumping ad’s everywhere and not tell you, the ad’s shouldn’t affect some of you, they will only be visible to guests and new members and normal members, senior members and above won’t see them.


If you use AdBlockers feel free to keep using them, i will not penalise you for doing so and i won’t install annoying plugins to tell you to turn your AdBlock off.


Sorry if this news has disappointed anyone, i feel guilty for having to do it, but the ad’s are needed at the moment, i also need to learn how to use affiliation properly as i am clearly doing something wrong.


I will never use ad’s such as those on Max Console or GBATemp and i won’t stoop to disgusting levels and charge people to install shit like Hackinformer, if it comes to the stage i simply can’t afford to do it any more, i will close the forum and the blogs and transfer the Vita Wiki to someone who can run it.