All You Need To Know About #Nintendo #Switch

Being in the GMT timezone i missed the Nintendo Switch Presentation, i did wake up 44 minutes after it started, but it was cold outside and the wind was blowing insanely, so i said ‘fuck it’ and stayed in bed, so i am going to grab all the important bits from various different places and post videos from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel




  • Release Date – 3RD March 2017.
  • Recommend Retail Price – Japan – 29,980 / USA – £299.99 / Europe – / UK – £279.99.
  • Online Services – Multiplayer Online which will be paid service – Online Store.
  • Region Locking ? – Nintendo Switch’s software will be Region Free.
  • Screen – 6.2″ 720p Multi-Touch Screen.
  • Battery Life – 2 and a half hours to 6 and a half hours – Can also use portable batteries.
  • Play With Friends ? – 8 Switch devices can be connected for Local Multiplayer.
  • Storage – It has a tiny 32GB of storage built in, which will probably end up being 28GB after system software and other junk is take into consideration, also has the ability to take microSD cards.
  • Games – Comes on cartridge much like the PS Vita and Nintendo’s other handhelds – Games can also be downloaded digitally, there is no doubt you will need a couple of huge microSD cards.


The Switch does not have many games on its release day, but Nintendo claim to have 80 games in production, here are some of them:


















Pre Order

The 3RD of March is not that long away, but rumours suggest that Nintendo will have limited stock to be available on release day, if you look at certain things such as ammibo’s and NES Mini Classic, then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if indeed stock was limited, you can grab US and UK links below, if any staff member from European or Asian regions  want to add their own links they can:











So far my biggest and only complaint about the Switch, is the crazy price of its peripherals.