Anyone Want This Crystal Protector For Their Switch?

As you all know, it was my birthday on the 23rd of May, the wife and kids got me a Nintendo Switch and £100 in Amazon vouchers, being the total worrier that i am i thought i would buy some protection for the console, so i bought a crystal case that covers the rear of the console and covers the Joycons, it also comes with glass protection for the screen, the only problem is that you cannot use the case protector in the dock, it just won’t fit and as i use it in the dock most of the time and i have no other way to connect it to the dock other than inserting it, this thing is totally useless for me.


Even if i had a way to dock it without inserting it into the dock, i cannot use the Joycons in the adapter that makes the Joycons a control pad as they do not fit with the case on, the screen protection works great though and i am happy with it, i would have returned it but like a complete idiot, i stuck on the screen protection before trying the case.


Here is an image:


Here is a link to the product page


To be clear, this is only of any use if you use your Switch mobile most of the time, if you wan‘t it just make a comment on the forum, ill give it away to the first person who comments.


For more information and help, visit the forum thread by visiting the link below:
Anyone Want This Crystal Protector For Their Switch?

  • Dave and Jen Crepault

    I don’t want it but just wanted to say I bought a similar one for the Wii u few years back. Did it’s job but changed the feel of the gamepad. I ended up also giving it away. I’m sure you’ll find a nice home for it. Aside from a screen protector, I don’t think I’m going to purchase any covers, at least not soon.