ATTENTION – Gateway Team Deliberately Bricking Consoles

No, this isn’t me ranting or hating these vile people, as its not coming from me, it is coming from some extremely credible sources, such as Crediar, who created a thread on GBATemp, which states this:

It has recently been found out that the Gateway team put code into their Beta 2 (clones: 3.2-3.3b) that purposely bricks 3DSs when the checksum of the launcher.dat fails.

That means even when using a real gateway card the code can trigger when the launcher.dat is corrupted in any way.

The code is written to trigger at a random point in time which is based on the time the file was copied onto the SD.

When the brick code triggers it bricks the firmware and reprograms the eMMC NAND to have a size of 0 bytes.

The post had originally said that Normmatt’s Region free patch was safe, but then it was changed to this:

Normmatt’s region free patch is not safe either!

This brick happens even if you are using the official Gateway card, it will leave you with a totally unusable 3DS.

Original Source
GBATemp Thread

Mathieulh and other devs have been looking at the Gateway and this is what he said when i pasted the “bricking code” i copied from the Original Source:
 photo math_zpsfd22031b.png