[BETA] WiiNUPRO Pro controller on PC with dual analog support

While checking up on any updates for WiiU to PC game pad apps, I stumbled upon WiinUPro:

The goal of this program was to get full use out of the Wii U Pro controller’s analog sticks.

Current Features:

  • Connects to 1 Wii U Pro Controller
  • Maps controller input to a virtual joystick (if available)
  • Dead zone for analog sticks
  • Custom keyboard mapping

Planned Features:

  • Mouse button mapping
  • Mouse movement mapping
  • Analog stick calibration
  • Battery low indicator
  • 2nd Function key (one button can have two seperate assignments)
  • Multiple button mapping (e.g. A button presses Z key and X key at once)
  • Multiple controllers
  • Wiimote & extensions as input devices

I’ve been wanting to connect the Pro controller to the PC ever since I picked mine up when they came out but was unaware that it would only work with the Toshiba bluetooth stack. But with thanks to TeHaxor69‘s program I was made aware how to properly connect the controller to Windows and using TeHaxor69info on the Pro controller’s data reports, I was able to modify the WiimoteLib written by Brain Peek to add Wii U Pro controller connectivity. And with some vJoy thrown in you get the following:


Download: Beta 1