Bizerta: Silent Evil Images Revealed

In an interview with, Edrox Interactive, revealed some images of a Wii U game, they had to stop creating for the PS Vita due to publishing restrictions.

The game is a survival horror and i am sure from the title, two very popular horror games come to mind, here is a quote from the source:

Resident Evil and Silent Hill inspired Bizerta: Silent Evil from the rising independent studio Edrox Interactive is shining light into the horror genre’s presence on Wii U.

After beginning production in September 2014, with a planned PS Vita/PlayStation Mobile release, German studio Edrox Interactive were forced to revaluate the future for their upcoming horror IP due to publishing restrictions for the handheld. Since then, the studio has ultimately made the jump over onto Nintendo, officially delaying the game’s development on other platforms.

Bizerta: Silent Evil sets the stage inside a disheveled mansion, softly lit by the moonlight overrunning its foliage and blanketing corridors with darkness. Players, armed with a flashlight, are confronted with panic inducing gameplay elements, driving forward into the monstrous nightmares lying in wait lurking silently beyond the shadows.

Here are the images:

Bizerta: Silent Evil

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More images

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