Club Nintendo Japan Hacked

Nintendo have released a statement, saying their Japanese Club Nintendo website was hacked on the 2 of July 2013, here is a badly translated quote of some information regarding the attack:


1.) Damage and History

  • The night of July 2, we started an investigation to confirm access a large amount of error from occurring.
  • July 4 to 9 June: The time period unauthorized login has been confirmed
  • Unauthorized login number: 23,926 reviews (number of trials: 15,457,485 times)
  • Customer information might have been referenced: name, address, phone number, e-mail address
    falsification of personal information such as ?, unauthorized use of Club Nintendo Point is not been confirmed.
    ? I do not have custody of your credit card information in the Club Nintendo.
  • You were sent an email to customers who use the measures can not be logged using the ID · Password 15:05 July today, unauthorized login is performed, the appropriate.


2.) Measures

I did the measures can not be logged using the ID · password to strengthen the monitoring level and strengthening of security, unauthorized login is made.


3.) Request for Password change

ID · password seems to be incorrect login of this time and has flowed out of the third-party services are used. Club Nintendo members like your, I ask to have set a different password for the password the same as the other services.