Cool Nintendo Related Hardware Mods

A few hours ago, we posted a story here, about a frankestein mod, which combined a Wii Mote with a Game Boy and an Android phone, so i thought i would post a list of all Nintendo related mods that i could find, enjoy 🙂


NES Cartridge 2.5″ Hard drive enclosure

iNto64 handheld portable Nintendo 64

Super Nintendo PC ARTiGO

Build an ArduinoBoy


Portable Nintendo 64 (Looks similar to a modified PSP)

Mini 64 ZE Nintendo 64 Portable Zelda Themed

Turn an old NES controller into an all-in-one USB hub

Game Cube Hack

SNES Controller into a Mouse Mod

NES Arcade

making a GBC run with a PSP battery

Solar power your gameboy color

half size Nintendo arcade

Nintendo Lunchbox

Nintendo Controller MP3, Version 2.0

How to build a Nintendo arcade

How-To : Giant NES Controller

How to make NINTENDO NES to a DVD Player

Nintendo controller into a PC card reader

Make a USB NES Controller

Restore and Modify an Original DMG Gameboy

Retro All-In-One Gaming Console

Mac Mini Inside of a NES

Wii gun

Yet Another DIY Wii Sensor bar

Wii Zapper DIY Airsoft Mod

How to make a Wireless Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar

Transform a ps2 steering wheel into a wii steering wheel

Wii wire less sensor bar under $10

The Umbrella inc. Wii Laptop