Crysis 3 Will Not Be On Wii U – EA Is An Ass

Its no secret that EA doesn’t care about the Wii U, but to give zero support to any console is a wrong and disgusting move, games are what keeps consoles alive, no games, means no sales of consoles.

crysis 3

Crysis is an extremely popular game and its third installation will be on all consoles apart from the Wii U, now this is not a decision by Crytek, as they wanted the game on the Wii U and actually had it running/working on the console, but EA would n ot give the go ahead or their support, so Crysis on the Wii U had to be canned, here is a quote from Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerl:

We did have Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. We were very close to launching it. But there was a lack of business support between Nintendo and EA on that. Since we as a company couldn’t launch on the Wii U ourselves — we don’t have a publishing license — Crysis 3 on Wii U had to die.