Forum Software Updated

A couple of days ago i decided to upgrade the forum software, from Invision Power Board 3(IPB3) to Invision Power Board 4(IPB4).

This brought some changes such as the ability to @ mention someone, which is done is a strange manner, you have to type @ and start spelling out the persons name, a name or names should pop up and you should be able to click on the name to add it, it doesn’t always work, but perhaps that will change with each new update.

On updating, that seems to have a problem and i cannot update until the problem is solved, i did send a help request, but i am still waiting.

All the themes have changed, instead of it being a normal upgrade of software, the Invision guys rebuilt the software basically from scratch, so all plugins and themes rely of their respective developers updating them, so the theme that we had on IPB3 will be back when it is updated and will be made the default, of course you can change the theme to one of your choosing by clicking the ‘Theme’ link at the bottom of the forum:532pR8A.png

There are many different changes, one of them being the ability to just post an image link and it gets auto embedded in the post and there are other sexy features in the back end, to help the staff make it better for you guys on the forum :)

There is a cool feature that lest you preview a post before clicking on it, by simply hovering over the link.

There are a few things i like about the upgrade and a few things i don’t like.

If any of you guys are having problems or seeing errors, please let me know.

Here are a selection of themes for you to choose from tell me if you want any of these on the forum.

I should be able to get back to posting normally on the forum :)

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