How-To Get Multiple Gold/Plat Rewards @ Club Nintendo

I haven’t tried this myself but tthousand has and has posted about it on the forum:

Multiple Gold/Plat Rewards @ Club Nintendo

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but it seemed okay.

Also, I’m not sure if this method works on all Club Nintendo sites, or just the USA one. Perhaps someone can test and let us know.

Anyways, here is how it goes:
– Open the Club Nintendo site in multiple web browsers (I use IE, Chrome, and FireFox)
– Sign in on all web broswers
– Navigate to the Elite Status Gifts page on all web broswers
– Select SEE GIFT on all the games you want on all web broswers (in my case, three games = three browsers)
– IMPORTANT – Now this is the tricky part. You want to resize all the broswer windows so you can see all of them at the same time

— Then Make sure you can clearly see all the ORDER NOW buttons on each browser
— Then proceed to click each button as fast as you can (I click each one twice so that I make sure I am clicking the button and not just SELECTING that web browser)
— NOTE – You might have to go through one more screen and set of clicks (I cannot remember)

Hopefully, if you did it right, you will receive multiple gifts instead of just one. I just got three games a couple of hours ago.

Good Luck!

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