Guides For Leaked v5.5.x Kexploit

The Kexploit for Wii U firmware v5.5.1 has been leaked, which is no surprise as those guys don’t know how to stop leaks and love giving shit to untrustworthy people, but whatever, its all good for us end users who will benefit from Homebrew, there are a couple of guides, here is a snippet from the first one:






Step 1: Downloading HaxServer

For this tutorial, you will need Java 8, HaxServer, and your port 80 opened on your router/firewalls and make sure nothing uses it (usually it’s web servers).

1. Download the kexploit + haxserver ( there: (Grab at source)
2. Make sure you have Java 8: (Skip this step if you do)
3. Open a command line window (in windows) or a terminal (linux/macosx).
4. Extract to C:kexploit (or wherever, but keep it short)
5. Rename the folders as they are inverted. Example: atad = data; sdaolyap = payloads
6. From your command line, go to the folder where HaxServer.jar is and type: java -jar HaxServer.jar
7. Type “ipconfig” and check your ipv4 (looks like:





Second Tutorial



Finally here is a video from @Joonie