Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX

Yes, yes, i know this is WiiUHaX, but the WiiUHaX forum resides on the PlayStationHaX forum, so the posting is justified 🙂
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Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX





One year ago, on the 31st of July 2014 we opened PlayStationHaX forum, in that time we have managed to get 845 members, 2174 threads and 22,662 posts.

So i want to thank you all for making the forum what it is, thank you for being part of the community and contributing.

Thanks to the VIP’s, thanks to the Staff Members, the Moderators, Super Mods and Admins, thanks to Lucif3r and euss for putting up with me moaning when i broke the forum, thanks to NeoSabin for always catching my typo’s and thanks to the members who made this their home.

Again thank you all :heart:
I hope to bring you many more years of mostly PlayStation related stuff

To celebrate PlayStationHaX birthday, i will be holding a competition, though its 6:30 AM here in Crimea and i will be going on a little journey soon, so will post about it when i get there, hopefully, if not, ill post about it in five days time.

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