Have Hackers Like Hykem Been Raided ?

Most of you who know me, know that i believe nothing and trust nothing until i get solid proof from a reputable source, which is why these rumours coming in are annoying me, i do not know whether to believe them or not.






The information comes from Maxconsole and any if you who have been around a while know that its where @garyopa has his base and news of certain things like True Blue, the 3DS Gateway device and various other products are stuck to him like a magnet, he is usually the first to know of such devices and breaks the news about them, but it wasn’t wrote by him, it was posted by someone who claims to have information, so like i said, i do not know what to believe :/


Anyhow the rumours suggest that several big hackers/developers in the console hacking scene have been raided in some sort of international police operation, this happens a couple of days after @Hykem made his Twitter account private and then went on to delete it some time  in the past 24 hours, garyopa suggests that there are legal documents to show proof of said raids, but as yet nothing has been shown.


People like @zecoxao and @Lucif3r seem to think the raid is legit.