How Much Faster Does The New Update Make The Wii U ?

Recently Nintendo released an update, which promised to greatley improve load times, how much did that update improve things, below is a quote from a test by Polygon:

System Power Up
Pre-patch: 15 seconds
Post-patch: 10 seconds

Opening Mii Maker
Pre-patch: 18 seconds
Post-patch: 12 seconds

Opening System Settings
Pre-patch: 13 seconds
Post-patch: 8 seconds

Going Back To Menu
Pre-patch: 25 seconds
Post-patch: 21 seconds

Starting Nintendo Land
Pre-patch: 21 seconds
Post-patch: 14 seconds

You can also view this video made by them:

To read the full story, check the source below:
Wii U software update analysis: How much faster is it?

I have yet to update my Wii U, at the moment, im using the Wii U Control Pad as a fancy TV Remote, until Nintendo release some decent games, i have no need to play it 🙁

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