How to | Location spoof PokemonGo without Mock Locations

Ok guys so i know a lot of people want to know how to do this and i’m writing because this game has proven to be extremely fun while also being very dangerous for many as there have been robbery’s, muggings and just carelessness. So hopefully this tutorial will help many people who can not go outside and play for whatever reason.


Firstly i would like to start by saying that there is a detailed video below showing how to install this mod for a written tutorial please look below the video



So lets get started….


This method is for people like me who are unable to use mock locations to spoof due to whatever reason it doesn’t work, although this will work on all versions of android that the game supports :) 

You will need root access on your device, no, this method will not work without root.


Step 1: You will need to download the Xposed framework from here –>

Step 2: Make sure you download the one which supports your version of android, read the page carefully!

Step 3: After you have downloaded it you will need to install the apk and then open it up, go to the framework tab and install the framework itself

Step 4: You will be prompt to reboot, just do so….

Step 5: Once done rebooting you will need to open xposed framework app back up and go to ‘download’ tab

Step 6: Search “DarkPokemonGO” find it and click it, then swipe right to open versions tab and download/install latest

Step 7: Back out and go to “modules” tab from main menu of app

Step 8: Find “DarkPokemonGO” and enable it by ticking it on the right <Make sure to reboot after ticking to enable>

Step 9: Look for “DarkPokemonGO” in your app draw and open it, you can now start the game from your current location or you can input coordinates for a location you want to spoof to.

Step 10: Activate GPS and then click ‘ENABLE’ switch in the app

Step 11: Make sure when inputting coordinates, you click ‘done’ on the keyboard for each box to ensure it saves correctly

Step 12: Once complete, launch the game from the image at the bottom of the app

Step 13: Enjoy :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar


*DISCLAIMER* I am not responsible should you follow this tutorial incorrectly and damage your device. if you have any issues with xposed not working, it may be best to ask the developer for support as i am not very knowledgeable in how it works on androids, otherwise if there is something wrong with “DarkPokemonGO” then let me know and we will try find out what’s going on :) 


  • Ronopotomus

    Thank you! This will be enabled tomorrow afternoon. I will check back!

    Link for framework is dead 🙁

    It’s working now. Thank you!