Is The Wii U Gamepad Region Locked ?

Any one that plays games, knows the pain of region locking, apart from those that own a PS3, its annoying when you want to buy a game that isn’t released in your region, but you cant, because the system is locked, now saying that, we are used to this type of region locking on a Games Console.
But what we are not used to, is out Control Pads being Region Locked.


A Wii U Owner from Japanese website RocketNews24 tried to sync a North American Gamepad with a Japanese Wii U, his Japanese Gamepad was unsynced, his US one synced and he was told to update his Gamepad, which he could not do.

Now this could either mean that Gamepads are region locked, or that the Gamepad updates are region locked, but im sure the Wii U scene will have a work around for whatever the problem is 🙂


  • Epic work 🙂
    Though it may be nothing more than an image from the web browser :p
    Im hoping its more than that though 🙂

  • themc

    i heard they blocked the wii hack in the new update for vwii mode.