Is The Wii U Hacked ?

Most of you whom have been following the Wii U scene, know of that horrid ODE device, which allows for the disc drive of the Wii U to be emulated, but in my opinion, that does not make a hacked console, it doesn’t even make it slightly modified.
But information posted recently on the Wii U Developer IRC channel suggests that indeed the console has been hacked, but that the method hasn’t been released as the devs lack motivation or just don’t care enough to release anything, here is a quote from the IRC Log:

17:44:49 < marcan> 31 trustworthy people have the info from last year. if nobody has released anything yet it’s because nobody is motivated/interested enough to do anything with it.
17:45:31 < m_b_v> indeed
17:45:39 < marcan> I think there’s a collective “meh” sentiment about the WiiU. it was fun breaking it but nobody really feels like building an ecosystem out of it
17:45:56 < marcan> and we saw what happens when you just throw your stuff at people and tell them to run with it (see PS3), so that’s not going to happen
17:46:09 < marcan> 31 is a lot of people; if nobody feels like it maybe it isn’t worth it.

Here is the full log.

Now im not quite sure why the team has not released the information, whatever the reason im sure it is a good one, they could be holding back for the release of the WiiKii U and then releasing their stuff as a f*ck you, saying that, the team does not support piracy.

If you want to discuss more on the matter, click the link below and speak about it on PS3HaX:
Is The Wii U Hacked ?