JoyCon ToolKit [Switch]

A GBATemp member CTCaer made and released a tool that lets you change your JoyCon color in game. He utilized the joycon work done by ShinyQuagsmire and implemented this. 


At first I thought the tool changed the LED lights however in game when it shows you your controller it displays it’s actual color like blue or red. Now if you got yourself some custom color shell deal and would like to change the in game display of the color joycon you have you can use this thing to do it. 


Quote from source:



Before you do anything, make a backup of your SPI flash.When you change colors, before 3.0.0 update you need to restart your Switch and then pair, for colors to take effect.For 3.x.x just pair the controller with Switch.The custom colors in the color dialog are the retail ones.







  • .net framework v4.5.x
  • Visual c++ 2015 x86 redist
  • Bluetooth adapter
  • Windows PC




For more information and help, visit the forum thread by visiting the link below:
JoyCon ToolKit [Switch]