Loadiine – The First Backup Loader For Wii U

Hi All,

I had been a big fan of Nintendo Wii since its first release back in 2006, but for WiiU, it not have a very good scene like the Wii scene was also WiiU does not have a good market here in Egypt “my country”, but today i got a tweet from someone of my friends via twitter about possible upcoming first WiiU backup loader in the horizon ;)

So i searched internet and found the source via the famous Nintendo Hack scene website GBATemp:

and here is the quite from the source:


RPX loader almost working :)


Not fully functional, but it’s a good start!
Also able to dump games rpx

And here is some comments from this guy:

Is RPX a format similar to .dol/.elf?

Yes it is similar.
In the video I launch a game from network (the executable of the game + the files)

But i’m also able to dump the executable of a running application.


So it seems that we will have a working WiiU backup loader soon ;)

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