Michael Pachter Attention Seeking Again

Michael Pachter is like the child in school that no one likes, who shows of and acts the moron to get attention so people will like him.
This time he insults Nintendo’s CEO, here are some quotes from his latest anti-Nintendo rant

“I think Mr. Iwata’s a pretty poor CEO,” he continues. “I think he’s done a very poor job running the company. I have a neutral rating on Nintendo, but I have to say only because their cash level supports their current share price. It’s a bad company that doesn’t make money.”

He has no neutral rating on Nintendo, everything he says about the company is negative and full of spite.

“When Yamauchi no longer is a shareholder [and] Iwata is no longer there, maybe, but I’d say they’re gonna keep fumbling around and keep trying to make money in hardware. Don’t think it’s going to work. I’m not particularly optimistic about an investment in Nintendo stock and I am a stock market guy so I’ve been pretty good about stock market investments.

“If you don’t like that answer, Nintendo fans, deal with it.”