N64 HDMI Converter

Do you still have your Nintendo 64 ?, now you can use it on your HD TV, via HDMI, thanks to a hardware engineer, who has created a N64 HDMI Converter, here is a quote from the source:

 photo tech_n64_hdmi_0_zpse8f616e1.jpg

I’ve been getting lots of emails and general interest in this. I’m looking into handling digital audio as well, so you need only the HDMI cable and nothing else. It will require yet another hardware revision.
I’ve been getting some feedback about the DVI port, some people don’t use VGA anymore and just want a plain HDMI port. Email if you have an opinion about this…

This is not a plug and play board. Soldering is required. Since it attaches directly to the output of the RCP before any video processing is done, it requires fine pitch soldering skills to install.
I will not provide installation services. However, some people in the community may choose to purchase a lot of 20-30 units from me and sell N64s with the board already installed.

You can follow updates at the source here.

Thanks to @aaronub4t for the tip.