Neimod Has Full Kernel Control From An Unmodified 3DS

Im not a fan of IRC quotes being posted as news, but this is interesting and SifJar has vouched for its authenticity as you can see in a quote from him here:

SifJar said:
If anyone values my word at all, I can vouch for the authenticity of the chat log.

Here is the IRC log in question:

[07:51:56] <@neimod> full control of the 3ds in kernel mode (arm9 & arm11) from an unmodified 3ds :]
[07:53:03] HHNNNNGGGGG
[07:53:05] <@neimod> the sky is the limit!
[07:53:17] Gib romz plox
[07:53:50] <@neimod> in theory it’s possible
[07:53:52] Now then, make it do somethig cool, while displaying GBA TEMP BLOWS somewhere on the screen
[07:54:04] Then enjoy the show
[07:54:36] “neimod: in theory it’s possible”
[07:55:02] T-10 seconds before gbatemp quotes that and pisses itself like an excited dog
[07:55:59] nice work neimod
[07:56:02] congrats
[07:57:34] <@neimod> unfortunately, we are elitist bastards who never share anything, so kiss that warez loader goodbye
[07:58:01] So not to try to pry to much info here, but is this something you need a specific game/app for?
[07:58:31] Should i by buying all of the eshop now?
[07:58:35] <@neimod> it’s based on a specific card-based game
[07:58:39] Nice
[07:58:58] How patchable would you say this is?
[07:59:06] <@neimod> very easily
[07:59:41] Still, amazeing work as always
[07:59:46] Congrats!
[08:00:10] <@yellows8> SD version can be used too but ofc one has to run code first for that.
[08:00:19] Now take careof that pesky region lock!
[08:00:33] Could such a thing be posible with this now?
[08:01:55] <@neimod> yes, with full kernel control anything is possible

Source GBATemp
Via Eurasia