Neimod’s Exploit Has 3DS Game Developer Upset

A few days ago, we posted here, news that Neimod had gained Full Kernel Control of the 3DS, he hasn’t released anything, but this hasn’t stoped a 3DS game developer worried about piracy on the system.

Jools Watsham co-founder and game director of Renegade Kid, rants on his blog about how he will leave the 3DS console behind, if piracy gets to much on the system, here is his rant labeled “3DS Piracy!” in full, i have highlighted some interesting parts:

According to a report from Tiny Cartridge, hackers are starting to delve into the 3DS, illegally. This may open up pathways for pirates to obtain and distribute games on the black market. The good news is that Nintendo has the ability to put up a good fight against pirates due to 3DS system updates and such. Let’s hope this is enough to stop piracy. Time will tell.

Piracy on the Nintendo DS crippled the DS retail market, especially in Europe. We’ll never know how/if Dementium II landed in as many hands as the first game, Dementium: The Ward, due to the rampant piracy at the time. Dementium: The Ward sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide, which is a great success for an original mature-rated title on the DS. Recorded sales of Dementium II are less than half that. We’ll never truly know why that was so, but many seem to believe that piracy had a lot to do with it.

If piracy gets bad on the 3DS, we will have no choice but to stop supporting the platform with new games. Some say that piracy leads to more game sales, claiming that it enables players to try before they buy. Bullshit. The percentage of people who will spend money on a game that they already got for free is surely very small – especially with so many “free” games already in the market. The line between what should/should not be free is getting very blurry.

If these hackers really want to mess with the guts of a 3DS, why not become legit developers for it and let the world enjoy their talents? Many of today’s great programmers used to be hackers back in the day. It is a great way to learn the craft. Putting ones efforts towards the creation of legit games instead of potentially crippling the market seems like a much more fulfilling path.

Source and Jools blog


Now what i will say to Jools is, that if you are so worried about piracy and threaten to leave the 3DS system behind, then perhaps you should just stop creating games altogether, because you can guarantee that those games you have released on  IOS have been pirated to hell and those you plan to release on Windows will suffer the same fate, there isn’t a system that will never be hacked, there will never be a system that wont run pirate games, its just something you have to deal with.