New Software To Be Released On NES

The Famicom and NES were Nintendo’s first home console, it was released in 1983, in January, nearly 33 since its release it will get a new game, here is a quote from the source:

New Software To Be Released On NES


Columbus Circle, a Japan-based maker of videogame accessories, announced this week that it will sell 8 Bit Music Power, a collection of old-fashioned chiptunes packaged in an original Famicon cartridge. The software isn’t an official Nintendo-licensed title, but Columbus Circle said it is the first commercial cartridge for the console in 21 years.

The title will come with 12 original tunes composed by videogame sound creators.

Columbus Circle plans to release it in Japan on Jan. 31 at a price of ¥3,800, or about $30. Several thousand copies would be made, and the software might be offered outside Japan if demand appears to be strong, it said.


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