Nintendo Discontinues Club Nintendo

I am sure most of you who has owned a Nintendo console in the past eight years, will have at some point used Club Nintendo.

The service gives you stars when you register a game or console, these stars can be used to purchase Nintendo merchandise or digital software, such as some retro games, but this is all set to come to an end as Nintendo is doing away with this service in exchange for a new reward programme.

So if you have points, you will need to have them spent before September 2015, or you will loose them, here is a quote from Nintendo:

Nintendo Discontinues Club Nintendo

We’re working hard to create a new programme, which we plan to launch later this year. And as a special offer, users who sign up to the new programme during the launch period will be able to download Flipnote Studio 3D to a Nintendo 3DS system for free. Please stay tuned to the Nintendo website for further details.

This new membership programme will replace Club Nintendo, so we will discontinue Club Nintendo according to the schedule given below. Thank you for all your support.

As Stars in your account will expire on September 30th 2015, please make sure you use them before this date.

You will not be able to register any cards after 1st of April 2015 and the service will end completely on 30th of September 2015.


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