@Nintendo End Region Locking Now Please – #EndRegionLocking #NintendoRegionFree

The Wii U is an eighth generation games console, but it appears that it is firmly stuck in the past with its region locking policy.
The PS3 a Seventh Gen console has had its games Region Free since release and will continue that with the PS4, the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Eighth Gen console will also be Region Free for games, yet Nintendo is unable to embrace that idea

But you can do something to try and change Nintendo’s mind, you can sign a petition created on Change.Org by Josh Stevens asking Nintendo to end its region blocking of 3DS and Wii U games, here is a quote from the source:

Following Microsoft’s U-turn on its DRM policies, including making the Xbox One region-free alongside the PS4, Nintendo is now left as the only major console manufacturer that maintains a region-locking policy. This practice is restrictive to customers, including those who enjoy playing foreign games not available domestically, speak foreign languages, serve in the military, or otherwise travel or live abroad. If anything, region-free policies encourage the additional sales of legitimate software that cannot otherwise be obtained in a given country; the money would still go to Nintendo, the developers and the distributors behind each game.

To sign the petition, click the link below:
Nintendo: Stop region blocking – make the 3DS and Wii U region free