Nintendo Makes Its Way Into Belgian Nightclubs

Unfortunately for the Nintendo company, this is not one of its consoles being sponsored or advertised in a nightclub, rather its a new Ecstasy Tablet known as “Nintendo”, here is some information from the source:

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs (BEWSD) was placed on the analysis of ‘ecstacy’ tablets with an unusually high content of MDMA informed.
These tablets were found in the Brussels region and were analyzed within the Modus Vivendi pill-testing project (tablets “Mitsubishi” and “Li-Ion”).
Moreover, following high-dose tablets were reported by the NICC: “Superman”, “Nintendo” and “Butterfly”

The Nintendo Ecstasy Tablet isn’t new, its been around for two or more years, though this certain batch of the drug seems to be stronger/more potent than previous forms of the tablet.

Source Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs (BEWSD)
Via 4Gamers
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