Nintendo making a sequel to Link to the Past for 3DS!

I literally spat my drink out when I saw this news in my twitter feed from Kotaku, and I had to share this. I  have recently been playing Link to the Past on my iPhone thanks to the latest developments with blutrol 3 (PS3 pad connected to iPhone via bluetooth)

Here’s what is known about the upcoming sequel:

The game is being called The Legend of Zelda: Kamigami no Triforce 2.

The game will feature a new storyline, new puzzles, and new dungeons. Link will also have the ability to turn into a drawing on the wall to make his way around corners.

The game will be out this holiday season in the West, and it will be out in early 2014 for Japan.

According to Nintendo’s US branch, it is “set in the world of A Link to the Past.” It currently does not have an English language title.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was originally released on the SNES in 1991. Many consider it one of the best Zelda games ever made.

I am hugely excited about this, and I might have to get a 3DS once this comes out over here!

Check out the video and a couple more screenies over at:

Source: Kotaku