Nintendo NX Rumours

A little while ago, Nintendo announced a project they are calling ‘Nintendo NX‘ or ‘NX‘, no one knows exactly what it is, we all assume it is another console, my own stupid ideas of what it could be, is a Games Console who’s touchscreen control pad turns into a handheld games console for when you want to play on the go, but like everyone else, that is just a guess.

Nintendo NX Rumours

Guess’s and speculation are one thing and rumours are a totally different, as usual with each new console, there are various rumours as to what the NX will be and in my opinion, the thing sounds a little poop, it sounds like the 3DS compared to the New 3DS, bellow i will post what has been circulating in the rumour mill and attempt to keep it updated, i will also post links to all sources of such rumours at the bottom

July 2015:

  • NX will be no where near as powerful as the PS4.
  • NX is basically a Wii U with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.
  • It will cost $149.99
  • It will release in 2016
  • It will have Diddy Kong Racing 2.



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