Nintendo Reveals New 3DS and 3DS XL Models

Today via their special 3DS dedicated Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed to new 3DS models, one is an upgrade to the regular 3DS and the other is an upgrade to the 3DS XL.

Both models do look nice, with extra buttons, bigger screen, slightly more powerful processor, here are some images:

[Image: r1Jes1e.png]
[Image: rHSRnSF.png]
[Image: aEM3aKr.png]
[Image: hNlwy9k.png]
[Image: yQLmq49.png]
[Image: 2hr0NSq.png]
[Image: cdizp0M.png]
[Image: pVHWyN8.png]
[Image: Bzeb4xj.png]
[Image: eRr0tKy.png]
[Image: Cz6XDHp.png]
[Image: PGczJhb.png]
[Image: oe5V9Fr.png]
[Image: dD6hohM.png]


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