Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR – FOOOOOURteen Years Later

A few hours ago, we posted this article about a kid getting emotional over receiving a Wii U for Christmas, back in 1998 there was a similar video created showing a young boy with his sister going somewhat crazy over receiving an N64 for Christmas, YouTube wasn’t around in those days and the video wasn’t posted onto YouTube until 2006, where it has received 17,331,171 hits(at time of posting this article).
For those of you that have forgotten the video, here it is:

Now both those kids in the video are grown up and have created a Website and Facebook Page dedicated to their video, here is an image of the two:

Popular website Mashable wrote an article about them, here is a quote:

Fourteen years later, Brandon lives in Brooklyn, where he makes skate films and works for Karmaloop TV. Friends still poke fun at his moment of Internet fame, and Brandon is pretty sure he’s yet to be that hyped about anything since.

Rachel lives in Florida, where she pursues photography. Though she is not as vocally expressive in the video, the younger sister assures Mashable they shared the same sentiment.

“I think everyone assumes I was only copying my brother and excited for him — but really, the N64 was a huge deal to the both of us,” says Rachel. “It was something we both had wanted for so long. Getting the N64 really was like a dream come true.”

N64 Kid Facebook Page

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