Nintendo “tremendous to work with”

So far two anonymous developers have come out slating the Wii U and Nintendo, that is very brave of them, talking crap about something and not showing their faces, meanwhile, decent developers have come out in defense of Nintendo, stating how great it is to work with them, the latest dev to come out in support of Nintendo, is Rhodri Broadbent the designer of Scram Kitty, here is a quote from part of his interview with The Official Nintendo Magazine:

We’ve found Nintendo to be tremendous to work with, and very supportive of Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails right from the start.

In recent weeks there has been a bunch of concerned chatter online about out-of-date information and needless negativity around Wii U development. I think it comes down to approach and expectation as to how much fun (or otherwise) a developer will have making games on any platform. To me, bringing your game to a Nintendo system should be about taking advantage of the toybox of possibilities they provide you with in terms of the controllers, the two screen setup, Miis, and so on. There’s so much to use, learn from, and build on.