#Nintendo Win #Lawsuit Against #R4 Card Sellers

Those of you who have played backups/Roms on your Nintendo DS will know what the R4 Flash Cart is, for those of you who don’t, here is a little information, taken from Wikipedia:

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R4DS (Revolution for DS), YushenDS Card (YDC), and M3DS Simply have essentially the same hardware. The same method is used to distinguish between Chinese, English, and Japanese (and German for the YDC) versions of the cards. The firmware for the various brand and language versions can be readily patched to work on other language (or brand) versions of the hardware.

The original R4 card was updated in early 2007 to the R4 version 2, or R4v2. In late 2007 the R4v2 was revised, eliminating the spring mechanism for inserting and releasing the microSD card. Instead, it had a slot in the back into which a user could insert a microSD card. This eliminated the problem in the original R4 Revolution DS Card where the spring mechanism malfunctioned after prolonged use. DS-Scene.net rated the original R4 at 95 percent in its review.

Unlike newer cards, the R4 cannot read SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards due to hardware limitations (although certain clones add this functionality). There exist several clones of the R4 card capable of using SDHC cards, but studies suggest that certain types of these cards have high failure rates. One clone, the R4 SDHC, is reportedly reliable.[citation needed] R4DS is known to be outdated, as other flashcarts (Acekard 2, M3 Real Supercard One and Edge) are known to be better and cheaper; genuine R4DS cards are rare.

The R4 card was made illegal in Japan in 2009 and later during 2010 made illegal in the United Kingdom.

Nintendo revealed today that they along with 49 Game Developing companies, won a court case against two Japanese distributors of the R4 other wise known as Majikon in Japan, Tokyo District Court states that the two R4 sellers must pay those involved $944,92.

To view the official Nintendo statement, visit this link:
Nintendo Lawsuit

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