Nintendo working on improving slow OS

Lots of people complained about the slow OS on the new Wii-U, hopefully this will change in the near future…

Nintendo is aware of the painfully slow Wii U operating system, and are working to fix it.

The operating system has been one of the major criticisms of the Wii U: it’s just too slow and cumbersome to use. Nintendo has already improved it somewhat, but it’s still nowhere near where it should be. Things often take way too long to load, and switching between simple pages which should be instant can take a long time (by today’s standards). Loading basic apps can take up to a minute, which is unacceptable, no matter how you cut it.

In a recent interview with Japanese trade publication Nikkei, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata promised Wii U owners that the company is working on improving the speed of the Wii U operating system.

Nintendo made some interesting decisions with the Wii U operating system — an OS which Nintendo dedicated a whopping 512 MB of system RAM, yet, it remains painfully slow. Nintendo has a lot of optimizing to do, and the good news is that they are already at work.