NOT64 updated by Extrems!


A few of you who know me will know that I have a big love for my N64 and anything N64 related, so when I found this news over at GCforever I got excited!

Posted by Extrems today:

December 16, 2012

  • devkitRice: Optimized sqrt/memset.

February 2, 2013

  • Wii: Replaced ROM cache with NAND-backed VM.
  • Missed dynarec optimizations.
  • Ignore audio lists when disabled.
  • Fixed first frame being corrupt.

February 4, 2013

  • Updated 16k EEPROM list.
  • Fixed off-by-one error in glN64.

For those of you who dont know its an experimental modification of team emulatemii’s Wii64 N64 emulator:

Not64 – an experimental modification Features:

  • Built with devkitRice.
  • Available for Wii and GameCube.
  • SMB share support from WiiSX.
  • Reintroduce Zip file support.
  • IDE-EXI v1/v2 support.
  • AESND-powered audio.
  • Minor performance enhancements.
  • Some compatibility fixes.
  • Graphics and user interface tweaks.
  • Recognize the NTSC Zelda bonus disc.

New options:

  • ScalePitch
    Changes pitch according to emulation speed.
  • VideoMode
    0: Auto – 1: 480i60 – 2: 576i50 – 3: 480p60 – 4: 576p50
  • TrapFilter
    Affects composite video, similar to GameCube output.
    Recommended for lower-end CRT TVs.
  • smbusername, smbpassword, smbsharename, smbipaddr
    Hopefully self-explanatory.
  • rompath
    Automatically load a ROM file on startup.




I dont know how we all missed this, or whether Extrems has been keeping February’s builds under his hat until now, but this is great progress!

I also read over there that since Ingpereira’s fantastic work on dynarec for PS3, emu_kidid (emulatemii) made a few posts regarding this:

well we didn’t make it before march, I’m going to be mostly offline for about 45 days, so shortly has become a whole lot longer. that’s real life for you…


I’m going to be away from the next few days until mid to late April as I’m going on a trip to the states after my wedding to see all the tourist destinations my heart desires :P

The site will be at the whim of the moderators until I’m back, so play nice ;)

I’ll try to check up on the site whenever I can via free WiFi, but when I’m back I’ll be motivated to get back and do some solid GameCube development :D


Exciting news indeed!