NX Confirmed And Other Nintendo News

Today Nintendo officially confirmed the release of the Nintendo NX, we will see a worldwide release during March 2017



Whilst that is awesome news, they also revealed that the new Zelda game will be delayed until next year and that it will be released on both the Wii U and NX, here is hoping it is a release title for the NX


On to other news related to Nintendo, they announced this morning that two of their popular titles, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be coming to mobile devices, what wasn’t made clear is if they will be full blown games such as those on the 3DS or just small app’s, personally i would like to see an Animal Crossing for the Wii U or NX, i want to be able to play it on my TV, just like one could on their Gamecube or Wii


  • Allow me to be the first to say, FUCK YOU Nintendo. FUCK. YOU.

  • Hostilio Macias Pacheco

    Yeah! Really… They are just delaying the game so the release date comes with NX Release. That is an insult for us, the owners of WiiU. Console that i love and i couldn’t be without it. Why? Cause if you haven’t played Mario 3D World, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Dk, Bayonneta, Devil Thirds you aren’t a gamer