[Update]Pong Running On Wii U Browser

Relys from GBATemp has posted a video showing him running Pong on the Wii U’s browser:


Now whilst i do not consider this to be native homebrew, this is still great work none the less.

Just like i stated with Pong on the PS Vita, a native exploit should not rely on an external source such as a webserver, it should run entirely from the Wii U, with no calling to the outside.

But that’s only my opinion, i am sure there will be those who agree and be those who don’t.

Regardless of what i think, good work Relys.


Yesterday i stated that if the game is not stored on the console, then it is not a native homebrew, i stand by that statement and according to Wikipedia i am not wrong regarding that:

Something running on a computer natively means that it is running without any external support

My peers also tend to agree with that sentiment.


Not once did i state that the exploit was not native, nor did i say it was not exploited because it uses the browser, what i said and what i stand by, is that if the game is not stored on the Wii U, then it is not a native homebrew, if it depends on a webserver to run, then it is not native as it could not run without said webserver, but that brings me to the ‘update’.


Yesterday in response to something i posted on Wololo, Relys stated that:






So the game still runs inside the browser, without the need of an external source, so that by all means is a native homebrew, though whether this is temporary or not is not clear, if the console is switched off, does the game remain there ?


So i will shut the fuck up for now and not speak any further on the subject until Relys or someone else working on it clarifies exactly what it does.

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