Possible New 3DS HBL Exploit ?

TheHomesk1llet has created a thread on GBATemp in which he talks about a work in progress Homebrew Launcher(HBL) for the 3DS, here is a quote from his thread:

In case you missed the most recent thread I posted on launching homebrew using the Gateway Go exploit, I pretty recently analyzed the Gateway launcher and understand (mostly) how it works. In the spoiler is a basic rundown.


Knowing all of this, functions located at various parts in memory, and where gateway stores its data, I should be able to replace gateway’s code with my own, which will be…I’m not sure yet. Probably a cfw or modification of a cfw since that will allow for the most stuff. I’m still considering exactly what to put in there and I may end up making my own thing that’ll install a piece of software to allow execution of any launcher stored on the SD card (much like HBC). I might also write a piece of software that will take any existing launcher.dat and make it executable by the website exploit. I’ll think about it.

Now, all I’m going to be doing with the exploit itself is modifying the gateway launcher since the website exploit doesn’t allow for the execution of unsigned code, and the gateway launcher does.

I’ll keep this thread updated with progress and a date/time.

As of January 20, 2015, I have gathered two people to help me translate the pseudo code that Yifan Lu has made into working C that can be compiled into ASM format. The first stage of the payload has been translated and is ready. We are now working on the second stage.

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